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The path to the perfect stores consists of four core areas that retail companies must focus and take action on. These areas are where it can all go wrong for the shopper, and based on our research most companies in the retail industry do not take action on these and therefore comp sales continue to decline and payroll expenses are higher than ever. Our entire approach is based on these four core areas of retail. We've pioneered the complete path to the perfect store by our 29 years of experience in the industry helping the biggest household names. 
Your Path To The Perfect Store.
The perfect shopping experience is impossible if you don't perfect these 4 areas of retail. 


Every store should be maximally shoppable at all times.


Every Retail Sales Associate should be trained and up-to-date on selling, merchandising, and service techniques -- as well as product/category knowledge.


The right product should be on the right shelf at the right time in the right store for the matching demographics.


The right number of Retail Sales Associates should be on the floor, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, season-by-season to close the gap between Shopper To Associate Ratio demands vs. in-store task labor vs. payroll budgets with great efficiency.
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